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Airguard Air Filter is one of the worldwide leaders in the production of air filters and intake systems in the automotive sector, both road and racing. The company operates in both the Aftermarket, thanks to a vast range of replacement air filters, and in OEM, designing and developing Tier1 entire filtration systems (air-boxes) for the major global carmakers.

For over 10 years now, Airguard has been working together with the most prestigious international distributors and dealers with 100% retention rate.

Airguard originated in the racing world, specifically in Formula1, but in the last twenty years, it has managed to extend its range of products to the Aftermarket compartment as well. The Aftermarket catalogue, constantly growing and updated, includes approximately 12,000 specific applications for automobiles and 2,000 for motorbikes.

Open the air-box and replace the OEM filter (the two filters have roughly the same shape; simply look at how the original filter is installed and position the Airguard filter in the same way).

No. However, to avoid any risk whatsoever, you have to be very careful not to use too much oil during the filter regeneration phase (it must not be so much that it starts to drip).

Airguard does not sell directly to end-users. There is a distributor for each region/country, which supplies several retailers.

Airguard does not sell directly to private customers. If you are a dealer, retailer, and online seller, then you can ‘Contact us’ for bulk orders.

Yes, We also design customized filters.

To separate and prevent potentially contaminant particles from entering the engine. Air and fuel – dust particles and moisture. Oil – metal particles, sludge and carbon.

How long a filter lasts before clogging up. The dust-holding capacity of the filter determines how long its life is. The more high-quality paper inside the filter, the more dirt it will hold and the longer it will last.

The air filter should be changed in relation to the operating environment of the vehicle, e.g. in hot, dusty conditions, more regular, frequent change period is required. In any case, recommend a change every 12 months irrespective of conditions or distance travelled. A blocked air filter can significantly increase fuel consumption. Besides, it can increase cylinder bore wear due to excessively high fuel to air ratios.

Make sure the correct filter was installed as per instructions. (a) Check the old sealing gasket was removed from the engine mounting base plate, and that plate isn’t damaged or warped. (b) Ensure the filter was correctly fitted with a new sealing gasket. (c) Check threaded stud isn’t damaged or loose

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